Please Sign Below If You Think Vermont Children Deserve Both Parents!

Shamefully, Vermont is one of 3 states (VT, WA, MT) that legislates parents as not equal (Title 15 §V.S.A.665(b6)). Vermont legislates one parent "primary care provider" for children (with total legal rights), the other the "visitor" (with no custodial rights). The "visiting" parent has virtually no say in their child's life; they cannot take their child to the doctor (except emergency's), enroll in a class or in organized religion, and usually cannot even schedule day-to-day activities. They are visitors to their very own children.

The rationale behind this peculiar law, as cited by Vermont lawyers who helped create and now profit from it (former VT Attorney General Kimberly Cheney, and Attorney Trine Bech) is that having one parent instead of two protects children from inevitable conflict.

This law is terribly wrong and contradicts the shared parenting movement of the rest of the U.S.. Research (and common sense) shows children are best having a loving father AND a loving mother (and their extended family). Most parents are good parents, and Vermont law should change immediately to protect a child's right to have both parents, and protect the right of both parents to care for their children. Forcing parents to compete in court to win the Vermont "primary care provider" award only serves to force parents into conflict, destroys the life of the losing parent, fatten the wallets of Vermont lawyers with money that should go to children, and waste over $20 million per year in court costs. Please sign below if you believe Children Deserve Both Parents.
WHEREAS, being cared for and protected by both parents is a basic human right for all children;

WHEREAS, parenting is a basic human right and choice for all parents;

RESOLVED, Vermont hereby presumes fit parents as equal primary care providers for their children with equal legal rights to make good parent decisions on behalf of their children.

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